Cottage by the Sea

We're a couple from upper east Tennessee

who live in the ancient mountains we love.  But we also fell for Cedar Key and the quiet, old-fashioned feel of old Florida where most citizens have a strong bond and undeniable dependency on the sea.  The work of the clammers is real.  It's here.  This is really a "village" and you'll have a tough time finding anything quite like this historic and special place.

Steve is an architect (registered in Florida by the way) and Beth is an environmental engineer so OF COURSE we'll be making some changes; but they will be small and, at least we think, tastefully executed.  And we will always be thinking about ways to keep our footprints, carbon and otherwise, small and light.

NEWS ALERT:  The cottage will not be available for at least the first half of 2016.  We are planning on some renovations which, though simple, will take time to implement.  After August 2015, you will not find V-Ibis listed on the websites we've been using to advertise it as a vacation rental.  However, we WILL keep this website so you may check back here for status if you wish.  Also, you may register as a "guest" through the Guestbook of this website if you'd like to make a comment or let us know you may be interested in being personally informed when the cottage is once again available for rental.  Thanks!